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Less Maintenance & Downtime Oil
Larry Douglas
Salisbury, MD



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Synthetic Transmission Fluid  |  Synthetic Gear Lube  |  Synthetic Filters  |  Fuel Additives
AMSOIL Purchasing Options
For Yourself: Preferred Customer Program
Preferred Customer Memberships are recommended for people who are not necessarily interested in the business opportunity, but want the lowest possible prices on the best lubrication and filtration products for their vehicles and equipment. Preferred Customers buy AMSOIL at the same low prices that AMSOIL Dealers pay – like buying AMSOIL wholesale! That’s 20-50% less than retail!
For Your Company: Commercial Account Program
The Commercial Account Program benefits businesses by lowering their total operating cost, save on maintenance, provide premium protection for equipment, and simplifies the buying process to one Wholesale Manufacturer Direct vendor with personalized service for all equipment needs such as Lubricants, Filters, Fuel Additives, and more. The program offers 50% off and free shipping, as well as up to 10% annual purchase discounts off wholesale! Commercial Accounts buy AMSOIL at the same low prices that AMSOIL Dealers pay – like buying AMSOIL wholesale! That’s 20-50% less than retail!
For Your Store: Retail Account Program
The Retail Account Program is for Stores, Auto Repair Shops, and Quick lubes. Retail Accounts get free shipping with orders of $350 or more and are listed on the Online Locator at the AMSOIL website, which drives customers to your business. Retail Accounts also get merchandising kits, and advertising co-op which goes toward any form of advertising, litterature, or clothing and apparel to help benefit your business. The exclusive distribution of AMSOIL products also makes you stand out from competition and the demand for AMSOIL products raises profits and brings new customers. Retail Accounts buy AMSOIL at the same low prices that AMSOIL Dealers pay – like buying AMSOIL wholesale! That’s 20-50% less than retail!
For Your Passive Income: Become an Independent AMSOIL Dealer
Becoming an Independent AMSOIL Dealer is a great opppurtunity for a passive income. The start up cost is minimal ($49.95), this gives you a dealer kit with litterature, price lists, products, and you also get a 10% discount on your first order, virtually making your dealership free. There's no inventory requirements, there are 13 warehouses across North America so you don't have to worry about that hassel and you can sell directly from the manufacturer at no cost to you. Orders ship within 24hrs Mon-Fri and arrive within 3 days. There are endless opportunities to benefit your business across the board from individuals, stores, Commercial Businesses and other potential AMSOIL Dealers. You have access to support whenever you need it, and tools to benefit your business like product guides and MYAMSOILGARAGE. Also as an AMSOIL Dealer you can work Corporate Sponsored Events like Supercross, Sturgis Bike Week, Monster Jam, etc.
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 My name is Larry Douglas, I became an AMSOIL back in late 2015 to offer a better product to my customers to set myself apart from the competition. Ever since then after researching AMSOIL products, studying tribology(friction, wear, lubrication, design of bearings), and converting my own vehicles, there was no other option for me so I became an AMSOIL dealer. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants offer maximum protection from wear and hp loss, improve fuel economy, improve  cold-start ability, and reduce the total operating cost of equipment, while also being the cheapest cost per mile. Not to mention that AMSOIL has their own warranty and covers anything their products are used for, adding peace of mind.
I have gone from getting 10MPG with a older Chevy 1500 350sbc to 18MPG just by changing the fluids and adjusting tire pressure. I also have a Toyota 4runner that I have converted and I've seen an increase of 3-4 MPG. You can imagine what i've saved on fuel already by using this but i've also saved a ton on maintenance cost (no mechanical problems with either one even though high mileage and long trips).  With AMSOIL products there's no false claims and sales jargin to sell them, these products actually work and that's why i choose to sell them.  If you would like to experience the benefits of AMSOIL products, you've come to the right place!